Quality Guarantee

LBP believes in a holistic approach to the hardware business. We always strive to surpass our customers expectations by providing a superior-quality product at the lowest possible cost with exceptional customer service. We know that our success is dependant on your satisfaction, and innovation throughout each step of our product's process is the key to surpassing your expectations.


As the Manufacturer, LBP Guarantees the Quality of Our Products:

We find ways to improve the engineering, functionality and aesthetic of our products from the very beginning. If we see that a product fails to meet your standards, we can go back to the beginning and devise you the perfect solution.

As the Distributor, LBP Guarantees Your Order Will Arrive On Time:

We operate multiple distribution centers around the United States, more and more of which are opening every year. That means no matter where you are located, you will receive your order faster, and get your shipping cost lower as well. In addition, not only do we keep our popular items stocked, but unlike our competitors, we have the ability to stock products at all times, even the ones that are rarely purchased. This means you hear “Out of Stock” and your order should always get to you in time for that special project.

As the Customer Service and Product Knowledge Specialist, LBP Upholds Every Guarantee:

With over fifteen-million orders and 30-years focused on product innovation and customer care, we are proud to say that our overall full-satisfaction rate is just above 99%. That means less than 1% of our customers have to call post-purchase in order to give any feedback or report a concern with our product. That is because LBP invests significant time and personalized training for everyone of our employees, from the customer service desk to the warehouse, each specialist is an expert in their portion of the fulfillment process and has a passion for the nuts-and-bolts of every product in our inventory. So, even if you need a unique solution, they are there to give you a hand.

LBP is proud to say that our thorough infrastructure and passion for customer service means we stand behind our 100% satisfaction guarantee 100% of the time.